Do yoga, get happy

Do yoga, get happy

yoga: it’s not just about strength and flexibility. apparently, three sessions a week can help fight depression.

researchers from Boston University School of Medicine spent 3 months monitoring two groups of healthy individuals, half whose exercise of choice was walking, while the other half practiced yoga for the same amount of time (3 hours/week.) they were questioned about their psychological well-being throughout the study – and to top it off – their brains were scanned before and after.

results? those who practiced yoga reported lower levels of anxiety and increase in mood compared to the walkers.

Professor Chris Streeter says the yoga participants experienced a boost in GABA levels, a chemical in the brain that promotes a sound and relaxed mind, and a state of calm in the body.

do you practice yoga? if so, what kind? how does it affect your body/mood? and if you aren’t into it, what sort of exercise or past-time do you do to de-stress?

me? i’ve only done yoga a handful of times. the hot kind, where by the time you leave, every part of your body/clothing is dripping with sweat. (good times though. i highly recommend.) i heard yoga for runners was good too. has anyone tried that?

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